Monday, April 20, 2009

Farmer's Market Report: April 20th - OPENING DAY 2009

Welcome to the Farmer's Market Report 2009 Season!

How was your Farmer's Market this week?
Get a great deal?
Find a wonderful new vegetable?
What delicious dish will you be making with your find?
Got a funny story to tell?
What did you bring home?

Well, our market morning didn't start quite as early as we'd liked, but we still managed to get to the market by 7:45. We made our initial tour and saw, as expected, mostly greens and early onions. We opted to wait on the onions for the week and instead purchased spinach, kale, a really nice spring salad mix, eggs from my favorite "egg lady" and a Lenten Rose plant.

My attention was attracted by one farmer selling carrots; however, he was out - they go quickly. We talked for a minute and he assured me he expected to have more next week. He gave me his card and suggested I email him and he'd be happy to set some aside for me. Isn't that nice? See how talking with your farmers is a good thing?

During the day there is almost always a cooking demonstration. Today, the chef featured in the cooking demo also gave a market tour detailing how he suggested using the various greens and other vegetables.

Last night, we ate the salad mix with a nice bunch of thinly sliced fennel - and some thrown in leftover shrimp. Delicious!

We didn't buy enough of the greens to go for more than one recipe - we'll correct that mistake next week. But I do have enough to make a lovely Sausage and Greens Soup (made with lamb stock from my Easter Lamb Roast).

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