Saturday, August 16, 2008

Farmer's Market Report - Aug 16th

How was your Farmer's Market this week?
Get a great deal?
Find a wonderful new vegetable?

What delicious dish will you be making with your find?
Got a funny story to tell?
What did you bring home?

Today I was late getting to the Farmer's Market, again! Talking with one of my favorite farmers, I heard that the market was slow today despite perfect weather (sunny and 70 at 8:30am). We all agreed that it was probably due to late-risers after the Olympics. (I stayed up late watching the Olympics, how about you?) Did you notice it was a bit slower than usual at your market?

Well, it worked out well for me! Usually the eggs are totally gone by 7:45, but this morning, I was able to bring home 2 dozen eventhough I didn't get there until 8:30. I also found my favorite homemade pita (doesn't even compare with store-bought), slicing tomatoes, eggplant, and some basil. My fridge is quite full, so I didn't need much, but I couldn't pass up these summertime "staples".

Today, I'm going to make to following:
- a basil, cucumber and tomato salad
- eggplant dip (much like baba ganoush)
- a yummy tomato sandwich!

Check back for the recipes later today.

I can't wait to see what you've got going on at your Farmer's Market!

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Marie Louise said...

Hi Kerry - thanks for including me. The Coventry Farmer's Market has become the largest farmer's market in Connecticut and is located on the beautiful grounds of the Nathan Hale Homestead on Sundays from 11am - 2pm. If anyone is in the area, it's definitely worth the trip!

Chip said...

Hey Kerry, thanks for the notice. The Memphis Farmer's Market has become quite a show these days!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea! Thanks for inviting me! There are numerous great farmer's markets around the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-St. Paul). One of my favorites is the downtown Saint Parul Farmer's Market, but now that I live in Minneapolis, I frequent the Minneapolis Market more often.
This week I found a wonderful Black Diamond watermelon that was fantastic! I'd never heard of one before, and for $7 it was definitely worth the price...yum!

Donna said...

Hi Kerry!
Thanks for letting me link to the Goddard Park Farmers' Market here in Warwick, RI. I try to go every week and every week there's a new treasure to find! Great idea, thanks for thinking of it!

Emily said...

Hi Kerry,

I'm in a small town in the NC Piedmont. Thanks for doing this!

Mahek said...

Thanks for inviting me to send in my farmers market report
i will.

lynda LNKitchen said...

what a nice idea, thanks for asking me.i can't wait to go back to the market tomorrow and see what's new. i'm interested in checking out the blogs of other linkers too.

Robin said...

Thanks for the invite.

Homemade pita sounds wonderful.

Have a good week.

x said...

Great idea, and glad to be included.
I just can't wait for Sundays when I replenish my kitchen with the bounties of the summer farmers market. All for the pleasure of the senses.


Jules said...

What time is dinner??

Joanne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joanne said...

Unfortunately, I had to remove my post because I couldn't edit it. Here it is.

I'm all for sustainable agriculture and supporting local farmers, but I'm not for fixed pricing and gouging, so I'm boycotting my market.

When the local farmer decides he or she wants to support me as well by making organic affordable, then I'll shop the market. You can read my reasons on my blog.

Kristine said...

We had an interesting experience this past Sunday at our farmers market. We still haven't found one that we really like in our area though.

Krysta said...

hi kerry! thanks for inviting me to your farmers market event. my farmers market under the freeway was named the saveur magazines top 100 beating thomas keller in 2007. crazy, i know but it is a great farmers market. i feed 6 people for a whole week (veggies and fruit) for a total of $26.

Anali said...

Thanks for the invite Kerry! Great idea you have here. ; )

Joanne at Open Mind Required said...

Krysta, I'd sure love to know what sort of prices you're paying. It costs me over $100 to feed myself organically for a week. Yikes!

Heather @ SGF said...

Ours is slowing down as well. When I asked the growers, they said that once the tomatoes are gone for the season, so is everyone else. It's a shame, because I know from experience that you can eat well from our farmers market all year round. Granted, I ate a lot of cabbage soup last weekend, but it was GOOD cabbage soup.

Still plenty of goodies now though - spinach, onions, potatoes, tons of eggs, squash, zucchini, eggplant... the list goes on and on. My post goes up on Monday. I'll link in.

shannonmarie said...

Hi Kerry, thanks for stopping by my blog and including me in this collection of farmers market reflections. I'm right with you when it comes to the tomato, cucumber and basil salads. I love them this time of year :-)

Emily B. said...

Great idea! I'll definitely be following this, thanks for inviting me!

Tiffany said...

Hi Kerry, thanks for including me! This is a great idea. I'm very jealous of the homemade pita bread at your farmer's market. It would have gone well with my eggplant dip. :)

Kathy said...

Thanks for including me! I love farmer markets, there is a really nice one in Los Angeles at the Grove on Fairfax. I haven't been going there lately because of the wonderful L.A. traffic but its really a great one!

stephanie said...

wow! I posted about our Farmer's Market without knowing about your blog!! What a coincidence!!!

Anonymous said...

Fun idea - I love to see what people are finding at markets around the country!

kale for sale said...

Thanks for the invite. Farmers' markets are one of my favorite places to go wherever I am. Reading about them is second best though. Great idea.

Caroline Armijo said...

Thanks for inviting me! I am so excited about connecting up with more people who love farmer's markets. What a great blog!

Sarah said...

Thanks for including me. I frequent the Farmer's Market in Cambridge, MA on Mondays in Central Square. I look forward to checking out the links from the other post-ers. Cheers!

Ranee said...

Kerry, pita is one of the fastest yeast breads to make. It takes a little practice to get them to puff consistently, but it is worth it, and so good. I even taught my husband to make them the day before Easter the year our first daughter was born, because he was so distressed at the idea of a Paschal feast without them, that he said he'd make it if I'd direct him.

Kerry said...

OOOO - Ranee - would you consider sharing a recipe? If you post it on your blog, let me know and I'll link to it!