Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Farmer's Market Report - Information and Guidelines

How was your Farmer's Market this week?
Get a great deal?
Find a wonderful new vegetable?
What delicious dish will you be making with your find?
Got a funny story to tell?
What did you bring home?

I started the "Farmer's Market Report" to encourage communication between bloggers trying to eat locally and/or seasonally.

Each week the Report features food finds, recipes, stories and photos inspired by farmer's markets - all across the country (and sometimes further). Want to participate?

Blog about your experience at the farmer's market this week, then use the most recent post's Mr. Linky to add your post's URL.

A few guidelines, if you please:
1) Mention the Farmer's Market Report in your post.

2) Link back to this edition of the Farmer's Market Report from your post.

3) Link directly to your Farmer's Market post, not your main page.

4) If you wish, you can give a couple words in the "name" field to help describe your post or give your general location. (ex. Kerry - Charlotte, NC or Kerry - heirloom tomatoes)

5) Feel free to use the graphic above, but please only use in it conjunction with this event or this blog.

6) I reserve the right to delete any links that are inappropriate or entirely off the subject.

Have fun!


June Saville said...

Hi Kerry
Thanks for visiting my site
I've accepted your invitation to drop in and I'm pleased I did!
An attractive site with a heart. Great idea to link up fresh food markets which I believe will be so important to us all in the future particularly.
My blog is more general of course but if you wish to use some of my stuff or..or..or.. let's know and I'm very happy to co-operate.
June in Australia

christinethecurious said...

I get a box from a CSA, does that count? I've started listing each week what was in the box, then what my menu plan was for the week, partly so I can refer to it next year if I'm out of ideas.