Monday, August 11, 2008

Monthly Link Harvest - August

One of my favorite things about blogging is the great bits of information you run across all over the blogosphere. I enjoy sharing what I find, too.

Here are some interesting and, hopefully, useful articles I've run across in the last month. I'm calling it a "Link Harvest":

10 benefits of higher fuel prices. Well, that's something.

Solar-powered dryers (HT: The Common Room) (Ok, this is really about clotheslines and home owner's associations.)

Reducing waste - Food Waste!

When to buy organic and when you shouldn't.

Is switching to reusable really that important? Here are 50 reasons that say, "Yes!"

From the USDA - a chart to help you determine what can be frozen and for how long.

A great post, with photos, about making compost...and some further links.

Art work: The Corn Harvest - August by Pieter Brugel the Elder (1556)

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