Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fall Season: Food and Menu Ideas

One of the challenges of eating seasonally is knowing what is going to be in season when and having a plan to use those ingredients. The past couple of weeks, I've spent a bit of time making a list of what will be in season in my area this fall and gathering recipes.

Perhaps you'd like to make use of my list? As I use the recipes, I'll post them on the blog, so eventually, there will be a whole "recipe book" for each season. In the meantime, feel free to peruse and download my ""Fall Season Food" list. The first part is a listing of food that will be in season (E-early, M-mid, L-late) followed by recipe ideas.

Let me know if you find this document helpful (and if you download it). This will help me judge if future documents will be helpful to others.

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Lavender and Roses said...

Hi Kerry, the seasonal recipe thing gets easier. Eventually it is simply natural to change your stock recipies three or four times a year.

We have fairly much always done it to some extent either though buying what it cheap and therefore in season, or because we had it growing in the garden. Actually I think that here its just way harder to buy things out of season.

Eventually you are looking forward to Summer for salads and tomatoes, autumn for apples and pumpkin soup etc.. the recipes eventually sit in the background until that time of the year comes around again and you are craving... moussaka, or ratatouille etc.

Have fun with your selections. I would join you but I'd always be 6 months out.


Wes said...

Hi Kerry,

Another option to eating healthy in the Charlotte area while supporting local farms is our local food club. Know Your Farms is a club that delivers food from local farms to many locations around the Charlotte area. Our website is if you're interested in reading up on us.

Kerry said...

Hi, Wes! Yes, I know about "Know Your Farms". We were a part of the club last year during the winter! It was a good experience and we wish we were able to do it again this year.