Saturday, September 20, 2008

Farmer's Market Report - Sept 20th

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Today was an absolutely perfect farmer's market day here in NC. The weather this morning was breezy, sunny, cool (58F), and had a touch of that fall smell in the air. The market was quieter than the height of summer - which is unfortunate for the farmers, and the absentee shoppers, because there's still plenty of wonderful produce to be had. However, I enjoy the quieter atmosphere.

There was nice harp music playing (live!) and a local wood carver, too.

I picked up:
- Okra (1 1/2 lb)
- Black-eyed peas (two bags - probably a pound)
- 6 "old-fashioned" pears (that is what the farmer called them)
- Muscadine and Scuppernong grapes
- and 3 organic chocolate chip muffins (you'll notice the kids barely let me get a picture of them - there was only one left by the time I pulled out my camera!)

I would have grabbed more peas, but there were only two bags left. In fact, I only bought one to begin with (not to be greedy), and then went back for the second. The okra and peas will probably go into a hearty tomato-based soup (maybe with some frozen corn) to be served with homemade corn bread. Other ideas for the okra and/or black-eyed peas?

What did you find at your farmer's market today?

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Sarah Beam said...

I'm getting a little nervous about the waning offerings at the market here at the end of summer.

alexandra's kitchen said...

i have yet to see okra at my farmers' market out here in SoCal. i would love to make some fried okra!

desertdiva said...

Great stuff you got today! I'm jealous over the peas! Check out my report at my new food blog where I not only report what I bought, but actually made up a smoothie with some of what I bought!