Sunday, September 14, 2008

Menu Plan for Sept 15-21

Today is my middle son's birthday, so he got to choose tonight's dinner. You'll see in my menu plan what his favorite meal is!
Here's what I had on hand:
2 butternut squashes
5-6 apples
fresh green beans
fresh wax beans
a pound or two of bok choy
a large ziplock baggie of basil leaves (my neighbor harvested a "bush" before she left for vacation)
half a dozen or so potatoes
lots of onions
leftover corn

Here's what I'll pull from the freezer:
a whole, locally-raised chicken
large tray of pre-made Spanakopita

Here's what I'll use from the pantry:
canned italian plum tomatoes
"Star" pasta

And from the store, I picked up:
1 lb of ground turkey
2 lbs italian sausages
2 fresh roma tomatoes
taco shells
cheddar cheese

So, this week we'll be having:

Monday- Tacos!
roma tomatoes, some lettuce, ground turkey, taco shells, cheese

Tuesday- Roast chicken with Provencal herbs, Savory Squash Bread Pudding, Green & Wax beans
whole chicken, butternut squashes, green beans, wax beans

Wednesday - Crazy Colcannon and Sausages (I've linked to a traditional Colcannon recipe. Mine will be quite untraditional. If it turns out, I'll be sure to post it...but basically I'm making the same thing only with bok choy instead of cabbage and thinly-sliced regular onions instead of green ones.)
bok choy, potatoes, onions, sausages

Thursday - Chicken, Vegetable and Pasta Soup (This one I'm making up and will post after I try it. It will be a sort of minestrone with chicken.)
leftover chicken (for meat and broth) leftover corn, zucchini, canned , "star" pasta

Friday - Pizza

Saturday - Supper Club - "Appetizer Night", we are taking the Spanakopita.

So, what about all that basil from my neighbor? Well, I can't decide if I'm going to make pesto or just chop it in the CuisinArt with olive oil and then freeze it in ice cube trays. Which would you do?

There are many more menu plans at Menu Plan Monday!

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Kate said...

I'd do a bit of pesto and then freeze the rest for pesto later in the winter when you'll be craving some 'fresh' greenness. Yet again it's been too wet over here for our basil to do much of anything. [sigh]

Just wanted to let you know that my parents made your baked apple and butternut squash dish the other night and said that it was absolutely amazing. They spent half of our telephone conversation last night gushing over it! So thank you for sharing that.

Joyful Days said...

What a super week! Sounds like some very creative recipes.

Tara said...

My daughter's favorite meal is also tacos!

How do you freeze your zucchini? I've not had luck with it in the past.

Kerry said...

Tara, I just blanch it, quick cool it in a bowl of ice water, and then freeze in ziplock baggies. It comes out on the softside, but is great in soups or recipes.

Lisa said...

I second Kate's idea of doing some in pesto and freezing some. I froze some last year and it was fabulous to throw into pasta or soup in the winter and early spring!